Zaida, a girl affected by the devastation and horrors of war is in a heartbreaking situation on the verge of death after a nuclear explosion. Amos, is a Djinn who has been released from his magic lamp following the powerful detonation. Euphoric and uncontrolled he prepares to possess his victim, a being of this dimension is necessary for him to continue in this world. Several miles around Amos perceives the only living being whose agonizing heartbeats are minimized little by little ... Zaida.

Amos, without thinking twice, rushes over the almost charred body, taking immediate possession and thus creating a symbiotic bond, for he and his victim were doomed to die if they did not form a single being. Zaida and Amos woke up as a single being, however an imbalance between dimensions was remarkable because on being on the verge of death both discovered that their soul had been given to death, leaving half soul of Djinn and half soul of the unfortunate girl . Now they will have to help themselves to get their soul back ...

The line between heaven and hell

The man, a being of clay, moldable ... condemned to live on the thin line between heaven and hell ... earth.

The war would end if the dead could return


... While the angels were created from the light, the Djinn were created from wind and fire embracing ...